Would you like to enhance your SwiftUI List and render it both more informative and visually appealing? In this guide, we’ll delve into refining a car list by incorporating both top and bottom section titles. This not only boosts its visual aspect but also furnishes the user with invaluable context.

Kick things off by ensuring you have both Xcode 11 and MacOS Catalina, available for download on Apple’s developer portal.

Launching a Fresh Xcode Project

Launch Xcode and initiate a new project. Opt for “iOS” as your platform and pick the “Single View App” template. Designate your project as “SwiftUIHeaderFooterListTutorial” and make certain the “Use SwiftUI” box is checked. Decide on a storage location on your Mac.

Listing Out The Vehicles

Within the ContentView.swift file, declare two arrays: europeanCars and asianCars. These arrays will house the names of European and Asian car brands.

European Car Section Introduction

Inside the SwiftUI view, incorporate a “Section” featuring a title for European cars. Utilize the Text view to set the title as “European Cars”. This facilitates a clear distinction between the two car categories.

Asian Cars: Headings and Footnotes

Advance a step for the Asian cars. Formulate a “Section” with a headline comprising an icon and the label “Asian Cars”. Additionally, integrate a footer with a description, for instance, “A representative list of several car brands”. This supplementary data provides extra value and context for the user.

A Glimpse at the Enhanced List

Once these modifications are complete, you can proceed to preview the list. As an outcome, you’ll behold a visually striking SwiftUI List with crisp titles and an enlightening footer, making it more engaging for users.


SwiftUI empowers creators to fashion visually captivating and informative lists by weaving in section headers and footers. This not only amplifies user-friendliness but also instills a lucid data structure.

Such headers and footers can be further tailored to resonate with your app’s aesthetic, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. So, why settle for a mundane list when you can sprinkle some SwiftUI magic and make it stand out?