What you will learn

  • Swift basics (data types, branching, functions, classes and more);
  • Object-oriented programming in general and its application in iOS;
  • Working with the app interface (Storyboard);
  • Working with most standard app components (UIKit);
  • Creating multi-screen apps;
  • Navigating and sharing data between screens;
  • Application debugging (Finding bugs in written code);
  • Teamwork principles and using the GIT version control system;
  • Building dynamic interfaces. Correct display on any device (Autolayout);
  • Working with tables and cells;
  • Learn basic design patterns. MVC – as a foundation for a good application and others.

The main objectives of this course are:

1) to learn the minimum amount of information necessary for independent mobile app development and/or employment in a Trainee/Junior iOS Developer position
2) to accelerate the time of learning iOS development, without spreading out on a huge amount of information on the Internet, thanks to the developed training program with gradual complication of the material and focus only on the practically necessary information
3) each topic is practiced on a large number of practical tasks.

Learn to create mobile applications for iPhone and iPad quickly and with gradual complication!

You don’t need any initial knowledge. We’ll go over everything you need to create iOS apps together from the very beginning.