You’ll be introduced to the iOS development profession, learn how to write code in Swift, work with the Xcode programming environment and create your first app for your portfolio.

You will learn how to

  • Write simple and clear code in Swift;
  • Request data from the server;
  • Automatically organize information from websites for the application;
  • Add load status, errors, and missing data to the application;
  • Layout screens in Interface Builder;
  • Use Codable for data parsing.

The training is 8 lessons in video format. Here you will learn how to design IOS apps.

Program stuffing

  • Learn Swift in an hour;
  • Calculator in Swift – creating a design;
  • Calculator in Swift – displaying data on the screen;
  • Swift calculator – math operations;
  • iOS game in Swift – creating an environment;
  • iOS game in Swift – adding enemies and physics;
  • iOS game in Swift – shooting and destroying objects;
  • iOS game in Swift – main menu screen.

Skills after training

  • Design iOS apps;
  • Work with math operations and displaying data on the screen;
  • Make iOS games.