Biggest API changes in iOS 6

With the release of iOS 6, there are plenty of new things implemented in the SDK. From a developer's view, some changes take some time to get accostumed to. Here are the biggest API changes listed. Of course there are a ton of other minor improvements to existing API's implented. Expect a lot of Brand new iOS 6 tutorials here soon!

Auto layout.

The Auto Layout API replaces the need for the "springs and struts" method to position UI elements on the screen. The idea behind the Auto Layout is to :

- Make better use of localization, not every screen has to be designed in a language-dependent NIB anymore. - Apps will better translate from orientation change - UI Elements are made more flexible to different screen sizes.


Apple has introduced a new class called UICollectionView that makes adding your own custom layouts incredibly simple to build. This is definitely one of the biggest changes for developers. There's no need for 3-th part layout libraries anymore. Now you can design every layout you can think of yourself.

Social Framework

Apple introduces a new Social Framework API, so you can use all kinds of social network integeration right from your app.


Passbook is a new app in iOS 6 that can keep track of things like boarding tickets, gift cards etc. You can also create your own passes and dynamically updates them throught the Passbook API.