In this guide, you’ll learn the steps for crafting a segmented control element with two sections, each showcasing different text values on a label. By following these steps, you’ll be proficient in constructing such components in your iOS applications.

Setting Up Your Project

Open Xcode and initiate a new Single View App application

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Launch Xcode and start a new Single View App application;
  • Name the project “IOSSegmentedControlTutorial”, and provide the appropriate name and identifier;
  • Choose Swift as your programming language and dive right in.

Designing the User Interface

Navigate to the Storyboard panel and incorporate a segmented control component

You’ll then need to:

  • Access the Storyboard panel and add a segmented control component to the upper section of the primary view;
  • Drag and drop a label beneath the segmented control;
  • Set the label text to “First Segment Chosen”;
  • Once the labels are set, proceed to the subsequent step.

Layout and Auto Constraints

Window showing 'first item added to favorites

To ensure the correct layout:

  • Opt for “Resolve Auto Layout issues”;
  • Then choose “Reset to Suggested Constraints”;
  • Now, let’s transition to creating outlets.

Creating Outlets

Here’s the procedure:

  • Launch the Assistant Editor and make sure ViewController.swift is visible;
  • Using the Ctrl key, drag the Segmented Control component into ViewController.swift to establish an outlet;
  • Repeat this process for the label.

Implementing the Segment Change Action


Perform the following actions:

Drag from the segmented control to the ViewController.swift class to generate an Action.

Implement the indexChanged method to respond to segment alterations.

@IBAction func indexChanged(_ sender: Any) {
    switch segmentedControl.selectedSegmentIndex {
    case 0:
        textLabel.text = "First Segment Chosen"
    case 1:
        textLabel.text = "Second Segment Chosen"

Access the Source Code

You can download the IOSSegmentedControlTutorial source code from the ioscreator repository on GitHub.


From this lesson, you’ve gained insight into creating and executing a segmented control component in an iOS app. This tool is invaluable for enhancing user interaction and offering clear choices within your app’s interface.